How to Watch

Ribbons of Blue

A ground breaking movie in which multi-talented Mathurine Emmanuel (actress, director, screenwriter) delivers a riveting performance in her portrayal of a single mother’s struggles and sacrifices to raise an ungrateful daughter who is ashamed of her mother’s humble status.

Nana's Paradise

A young man over-comes extreme poverty, a dysfunctional home, peer ridicule, and death in his family to embark on an epic journey. He is determined to overcome numerous challenges to return home to do right by his mother.

Troubled Waters

In Troubled Waters, Mathurine Emmanuel brings us an astoundingly beautiful yet shockingly disturbing film about the devastating effects of child abuse and the healing powers of love. The movie leaves one with the disquieting feeling of the vulnerability of children to preying adults, and sends the message loud and clear that parents can never be too careful about the safety of their children and that it takes a whole community to raise and keep a child safe.