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What We're All About

Iyanola Pictures produces  wholesome family entertainment with Caribbean flavor. We work to impart positive social values and to expose viewers/listeners/audiences to Caribbean culture. Our CEO and Founder is Mathurine Emmanuel, the creative mind behind all of our films.


What We've Done

To date, Iyanola Pictures Inc. has produced a total of three films. These films have all been written and produced by our CEO/Founder, Mathurine Emmanuel. The first film, Ribbons of Blue, was selected as "Best Documentary Feature" by The New York International Film and Video Festival in 2005. Ribbons of Blue was also awarded the "Best Picture" by the M&C Fine Arts Festival (St. Lucia) in 2006.

Family Reflections:

Male Suicide in the Caribbean pt.2

On this episode Kina and myself (Keddy) dive into the subject of Male suicide in the Caribbean once again. We asked some hard questions such as "Is Suicide selfish?", "Why don't men cry?" and we discussed things that can be done to help suicide victims.

Family Reflections:

Male Suicide in the Caribbean

In this episode we dive into a discussion that is long overdue. Caribbean culture often forces men to suppress their emotions and doesn't teach handling them in a healthy way. What are your thoughts, email us at iyanolapictures@gmail.com


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