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Iyanola Pictures (in collaboration with All Biz Limited - www.allbizmedia.com) is extremely excited for the launch of "Shantaye's World!" Set in the 1960's, the film depicts the life of a teenage girl who falls in love for the first time and has to overcome multiple challenges. The tale is a reminder that racism, cultural norms,  and life's twists and turns are no match for young love.


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You're in for quite a journey. 


Where it all began

"Tears in the Valley" is approximately TWENTY years old! This is where it all began, the journey that led us to the production of "Ribbons of Blue", "Troubled Waters", "Nana's Paradise" and the soon to be completed "Shantaye's World". Do you remember seeing this film? 

Family Reflections:
An Afternoon with Amanie

On this episode, we're speaking with Amanie Mathurin, a journalist and writer (recent winner of the "Youth in Media" award from the Vieux Fort North Youth & Sports Council). On this episode we talked about everything from lessons learnt from her years as a reporter, life transitions, studying abroad and much more! Check it out!

You can now listen to all Family Reflections episodes as you go about your day!
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Ribbons of


The movie that brought you an unforgettable story is now FREELY available. Click on the link below to watch now!




Troubled Waters is now available for rental/purchase. Click on the link below for more info!





Nana's Paradise is now available for rental/purchase. Click on the link below for more info!



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