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"Shantaye's World"

A film and novel of romance, drama, and strength. A story that highlights the beauty of Caribbean culture and tells the story of every Caribbean migrant.

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Shantaye Anderson is bold, black, beautiful, intelligent, and passionate about love.

Born in rural St. Lucia during post-colonial times, she struggles to process the loss of a mother who passed away hours after bringing her into the world. She finds consolation in her loving paternal grandmother, Mam Lucess, who tries to equip her for the world.

Her father, Edson Anderson, does his best to care for Shantaye after the passing of his wife. However, when he remarries, the young girl is suddenly exposed to the jealous wrath of an unreasonable stepmother.

Her life changes forever when she falls in love with Jean Claude Le Marche. He is the handsome son of the community's white doctor, a charismatic young man who promises to love her until death.

All hell breaks loose when Shantaye's family and the community folk realize the pair are in love. To save Shantaye from making what he believes to be a grave mistake, Edson sends her to war ravaged England, still reeling after World War II.

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Our work has been recognized by the University of Greenwich in the UK!


Mathurine Emmanuel, our founder, received an honorary Doctor of Arts degree! 

We're a small Caribbean film company without millions of dollars for distribution. With your help, we can bring this story to the world.


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