Troubled Waters



Responding to all the fanfare, public adulation and awards that Ribbons of Blue attracted, Mathurine Emmanuel said that the public has seen nothing yet because then her next movie, Troubled Waters, would put Ribbons of Blue to shame. Well, while the critics would agree that Ribbons of Blue is destined to become a classic, they may also agree that the film maker’s assertion about her third movie was no idle boast.


Because with just as compelling a performance as in Ribbons of Blue, and with masterful support from co-star, Kenty Rambatt, in Troubled Waters, Mathurine Emmanuel brings us an astoundingly beautiful yet shockingly disturbing film about the devastating effects of child abuse and the healing powers of love. The movie leaves one with the disquieting feeling of the vulnerability of children to preying adults, and sends the message loud and clear that parents can never be too careful about the safety of their children and that it takes a whole community to raise and keep a child safe.


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