Ribbons of Blue

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Ribbons of Blue,


is a ground breaking movie in which multi-talented Mathurine Emmanuel (actress, director, screenwriter) delivers a riveting performance in her portrayal of a single mother’s struggles and sacrifices to raise an ungrateful daughter who is ashamed of her mother’s humble status. Regardless, the mother uses her lifetime savings to send her daughter overseas to school. The movie reaches a high point when shamed and unable to complete her education, the daughter hits rock bottom and is forced to return home (in the manner of the Prodigal Son) to her long suffering mother’s welcoming arms.

The lessons of Ribbons of Blue are clear. Human relations in general and family relations in particular are to be valued above position and material things. Ribbons of Blue has received plenty of public adulation. Many fans have unbashfully admitted that Ribbons of Blue made them cry.

Dr. Anderson Reynolds, author of the award winning books, Death by Fire, and The Struggle For Survival had this to say about Ribbons of Blue: “Set in rural St. Lucia, Ribbons of Blue is a heartwarming and poignant movie about the power and durability of a mother’s love. The movie brings joy to the heart and tears to the eyes. It is a must see for all lovers of St. Lucian and Caribbean culture, and all those who have ever doubted the depth and tenacity of parental love.” And as proof that all this praise wasn’t without merit, Ribbons of Blue was the winner of the 2003 M&C Award for best film, and the 2005 New York Independent Film Festival Award Winner for Best Director.


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  1. verlyn Gerald-Charles says:

    Watching your movie Ribbons of blue I learnt that a mother’s love transscend time and circumstances and endures forever . I thank God for blessing mothers with that specail gift of love a that never give up

  2. Tiona says:

    I really want to purchase these films. Can I do that here? I’m a little skeptical about buying it o n here……Please help.

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