Nana’s Paradise

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In Nana’s Paradise,


a young man over-comes extreme poverty, a dysfunctional home, peer ridicule, and death in his family to embark on an epic journey that takes him to England on an island scholarship. There he overcomes cultural shock, the bitter London cold and homesickness to return home triumphantly and do right by his mother, Nana, who, facing desperate poverty, spousal abuse and infidelity, was single- handedly responsible for holding her family together.


Nana’s Paradise is a testament to the strength, resilience, and triumph of the human spirit over all odds. Joy and laughter come with equal doses of pain and sadness. The movie will make you weep, laugh and celebrate all at the same time.

Although Nana’s Paradise includes heart felt performances by Keddy Emmanuel, comical, exuberant and moving performances Eli Kelvin Peters, Rebecca Chitolie, Shannice Louis, and Nicole Augustin; and strong performances by John Philipson it is Mathurine Emmanuel’s dramatic flair and mesmerizing performance that bind the movie together and set it apart as one of a kind.


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