Mathurine Caribbean Tour Interview 2014 – Grenada

Mathurine Emmanuel – Iyanola Pictures Caribbean Tour Interview


Mathurine Emmanuel: I am a teacher by profession…but from the year 2001, I took early retirement from the government school and decided that i would try to reach kids in a new way – that is through the audio visual medium – film production, and that is what I have been doing ever since.

I have produced three feature films; Ribbons of Blue, Troubled Waters and Nana’s Paradise.

Because of the strong cultural essence of my films and the authenticity of each film – also, the positive messages – I have been able to receive a grant from Caribbean Export which now enables me to travel within the region to spring my films in schools; secondary schools, primary schools, universities, libraries…and so forth… And that’s why I am right here in Grenada

Secrets of the Ghetto…

My first feature film, Tears In The Valley, was about a young man hooked on drugs. But it is NOT on the market because at the time, technically, it was not at the level I wanted it to be. It was just merely a trial, but so far most persons in Saint Lucia have been requesting it, but I don’t think it is up to the professional level with my other three feature films. And that’s why it is not on the market right now.

But I am hoping to produce a next film by the title of Secrets of the Ghetto, because as a school teacher I realize that there are many factors which actually gravitate our young men to the ghett0…and to drug abuse…



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